Manbij Democratic Civilian Administration Council takes office

The Co-presidents of the 13 committees within the Manbij Democratic Civilian Administration Council took oath and took office after receiving a vote of confidence from the Legislative Assembly.

The city of Manbij, which had been liberated by Manbij Military Council and SDF fighters after a 73 day-long operation in August 2016, took an important step on institutionalizing its self-administration during the expanded meeting of Manbij People’s Assembly on 22nd of February.

132 assembly members attended the meeting, during which the name “Democratic Civilian Administration of Manbij and its Surroundings” was adopted for self-administration, and İbrahim Kaftan and Zeynep Kambar were elected Co-presidents of the self-administration.

The Legislative Assembly has today approved the elected Co-presidents who then took office.

During today's meeting, departments of the committee members, co-presidents and committees were determined after speeches and evaluations.

Below are the 13 committees determined during today's meeting:

* Foreign Relations Committee

* Health Committee

* Women's Committee

* Defense and Security Committee

* Culture and Arts Committee

* Municipalities Committee

* Social Affairs Committee

* Finance Committee

* Economy Committee

* Youth and Sports Committee

* Education Committee

* Martyrs Committee

* Services Committee

Co-presidents of the committees took oath and took office after receiving a vote of confidence. The Co-presidents swore to duly fulfill their duties and observe the interests of all peoples on the basis of democratic nation.

The Co-presidents took their oaths in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkmen, and Circassian. The final declaration was read out to participants at the end of the meeting.