Libyan National Army announces ceasefire over Corona pandemic

The Libyan National Army under General Haftar has announced a ceasefire due to the Corona pandemic and warned against the continued deployment of Turkish mercenaries in the region.

The Libyan National Army under General Khalifa Haftar has accepted a ceasefire due to the spread of the coronavirus.

"The general command (of the eastern-based army) welcomes the international call for a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons in order to confront the (possible) coronavirus infections," said the LNA statement released on Saturday.

The statement by LNA pointed out that; “The transportation of thousands of Syrian and Turkish mercenaries to Tripoli through the infected Turkey will lead to the spread of this deadly disease in Tripoli and the West of the country, and we hold the so-called Government of Accord fully responsible for these immoral crimes against the Libyan people.”

The statement continued; “We must remind everyone of the direct responsibility of the United Nations Mission in Libya and all parties that sponsored the Berlin conference in compulsing the expired Government of Accord and the Turkish Government to cease all hostile activities and the transportation of terrorist mercenaries to Tripoli. They have abused the current humanitarian situation of Libyan citizens trapped in Turkish airports to transport terrorist mercenaries on the flights taking Libyan citizens to Musrata airport, the flow of arms and military equipment from Turkish Seaports to Tripoli and Musrata seaports has continued in support of mercenaries and terrorists.”

The statement stressed that; “The General Command is committed to the ceasefire as long as the other parties remain committed. However, the General Command will not accept being the only party held to the standards of the ceasefire while the terrorist militias and the mercenaries are left to wreak havoc and terrorize Tripoli under these difficult conditions of the Corona virus.”