Labor and Freedom Alliance: We will overcome this disaster together

The Labor and Freedom Alliance said: "This regime has left our people to die. We will overcome this disaster together. The people's defense of life cannot be prevented."

The Labor and Freedom Alliance made a written statement about the earthquake in Kurdistan.

The statement said: "The peoples of Turkey are experiencing a disaster rarely seen in history. The earthquake devastated 10 provinces of our country, as well as in Northern and Eastern Syria, Syria and Lebanon, causing the death of thousands of our people. Thousands of people are still under the debris. Our surviving citizens are waiting in the streets in these harsh winter conditions."

'Government left people to die'

The statement noted: "First of all, we feel the pain of our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake, and express our condolences to their relatives and our people. Our pain is great! We are in deep sorrow! We are mourning!

We have great anger against this government, which has left our people to die for three days in the face of this nationwide destruction! The AKP-MHP government did not even step into the cities hit by the earthquake in the first 24 hours. This regime has left our people to die."

The statement continued: "Instead of organizing interventions and aid, the government wants to protect itself, not our people, with the declaration of a State of Emergency. The peoples of Turkey are well aware of how the government turns crises into opportunities at the expense of the lives of our citizens. With the declaration of the state of emergency, the AKP-MHP government wants to close the cities, cut  solidarity networks by preventing aid as well as correct information. It prevents journalists from going to the regions. What needs to be done is not to declare a state of emergency, but to promote social mobilization!

As the Labor and Freedom Alliance, we declare that we do not recognize the State of Emergency and the pressures it will bring in this process where every hour is of extraordinary importance for life."

The statement concluded: "Today, more than ever, we need to defend society. We call on the state to mobilize all its means to defend society and life. The resources of the people should be used for people, not for the survival of the government! This is the only demand of our peoples today! All obstacles put by the government are crimes against people and against life. We fully believe that our people will share their labor with earthquake victims and open their homes to their brothers and sisters. We will continue to expand solidarity, defend life, and stand by our people on the field. No pressure and authoritarian decisions will be able to stop us from being on the side of our people. Together we will overcome this tragedy."