Kurds pay tribute to martyr Sarya Diyar in Lucerne

Sarya Diyar (Bişeng Hezer), who fell a martyr after 10 days of the Avashin's resistance against the invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan was commemorated in Lucerne.

Sarya Diyar (Bişeng Hezer) and 6 other guerrillas who fell as martyrs during the resistance against the invasion attacks of the invading Turkish state on the Medya Defense Zones, were commemorated at the Democratic Kurdish Community Center in Lucerne.

Hundreds of Kurdish residents attended the commemoration in addition to Sarya Diyar's family. A minute's silence was observed in memory of the martyrs of the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle.

After the speech made by the Swiss Martyrs’ Families Association (KOMAV), a video about Sarya Diyar's participation in the struggle was shown.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Hüseyin Hezer said that Sarya Diyar, like her comrade and brother HPG guerrilla Abdullah Hezer (Diyar Gafur), who lost his life as a result of Turkish police attack in Cizre in 2010, fell a martyr for this cause. Hezer noted that there are many martyrs in their family and added: “We will protect the flag of resistance of our martyrs.”

KCDK-E co-chair Fatoş Göksungur also spoke at the memorial. Commemorating the martyrs of the revolution, Göksungur said: “The invading Turkish army, which loses power day by day against the guerrilla's struggle in the Medya Defense Zones, will eventually be defeated. We will announce this resistance to the whole world. The struggle of the honorable children of the Kurdish people in the Medya Defense Zones will succeed."