Kurds living in Europe protest Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan

Kurds living in Europe took to the streets against the Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan.

The attacks of the Turkish state against the Medya Defense Areas, Maxmur Refugee Camp and Shengal were protested by Kurds living in Europe.


Kurds and their friends gathered in Münster, to protest the invasion attacks carried out by Turkey against Maxur, Shengal and Medya Defense Areas. Activists said that the attacks target the gains of the Kurdish people and are increasing by the day. The silence of the European states and international community was also condemned.


The attacks of the Turkish state were protested in Stuttgart. DTKM, MLKP, Partizan, MLKP / KKÖ, New Women, Tevgera Jinên Azad, Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger, ATİK and YDG activists gathered at Stuttgart Schlotplatz calling for people to protest the attacks of the Turkish state against Maxmur, Shengal and Medya Defense Areas. The statement made in the action, reminded that the attacks are carried out with weapons sold to Turkey by Germany. The statement also reminded that in Shengal a hospital was hit and Maxmur Camp, which is under protection of the UN.


An action was promoted by the Cologne Kurdish Democratic Society Center and the Cologne Viyan Women's Council, at Bahnhofvorplatz.

Kurds carried photos of the PKK Central Executive Committee member Kasım Engin, who fell martyr in the air attack carried out by the Turkish state on May 27.


A protest was held in front of the United Nations Geneva Office. Activists protested the silence of the European states and reminded that this silence is actually encouraging the Turkish state to continue to carry out these attacks.


Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the central train station in Zurich and marched towards the Turkish consulate chanting slogans against the attacks carried out by Turkey in South Kurdistan.


Hundreds of activists gathered in another city of Switzerland, Basel.

The activists protested the Turkish state and the attacks it carried out in South Kurdistan. Activists emphasized that the European states, especially the Swiss state are partners in crimes as they continue to hold commercial agreements and arms sales with the Turkish state.