Kurds call for UN intervention against Turkey’s use of chemical weapons

Kurdish acticists called for intervention against the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army and an independent investigation in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva.

During the sit-in protest that has been staged every Wednesday since January 25 for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, activists from the Kurdish community have called for intervention against the Turkish army's use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva.

At the beginning of the rally, a minute of silence was held for the martyrs of the Kurdish liberation struggle. Chanting slogans, the demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the guerrillas, who have been attacked with chemical weapons in southern Kurdistan for months.


Berivan Avci, co-chair of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center (CDK) in Geneva, appealed to the United Nations and the world community not to ignore Turkish war crimes: "You are jointly responsible for all the massacres of the Turkish state that have taken place and will take place in the future. Therefore, you must act immediately and stop the attacks in Kurdistan. It is not only the Kurdish guerrillas who are affected, civilians and nature are also under attack."

Speaking after, Geneva CDK co-chair Salih Sağlam said that Turkish warfare with chemical weapons is taking place under the supervision of the UN. He asked the UN “not to become a partner in crimes against humanity”.

On behalf of the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E), a speech was given by Asmin Engin. The Kurdish activist, a member of the Commission for External Contacts of the Women's Movement, addressed the actions of the Erdogan regime in Southern Kurdistan and Northern Syria, which are contrary to international law. Kurdish activists have visited numerous organizations, institutions and media organs in recent days to create publicity for the issue, Asmin Engin said and added, "There are numerous reports from the Medya Defense Zones that poison gas is being used there. We demand an independent investigation. To this end, we are in talks with international institutions. The UN in particular has an obligation to fulfill its responsibility."

After the speeches, the Kurdish people and their friends were invited to participate in a mass march to be held in Zurich on Saturday, October 8, a day before the anniversary of the International Conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. The march will start at 14.00 at Helvetiaplatz under the motto ‘Öcalan’s freedom is our freedom’.

The Kurdish activists staged a sit-in after the statement was read in French and a voice message sent by the Werxelê fighters was heard.