Kurdish youngster murdered in Ankara laid to rest

Çakan was 20 years old and came from Patnos district of Ağrı. He was murdered in the Turkish capital for listening to Kurdish music.

20-year-old Barış Çakan was murdered in Turkish capital Ankara last night. Çakan was stabbed in the heart by a group in a park in Alsancak neighborhood of the Etimesgut district.

Çakan’s body was first taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Keçiören district where an autopsy was performed. His body was then taken to Elvankent Cemetery and laid to rest.

According to the family, Çakan, born in Patnos district of Ağrı,left the house at around 10.30 pm to meet friends in a nearby park. After leaving the house, he was attacked by three men. He was stabbed in the heart and died on the spot. Before going out Barış Çakan had been listening to Kurdish music on the balcony.

Three Turkish suspects were arrested after the deadly attack. They were apparently registered in Yozgat, Kırıkkale and Tokat provinces in central Anatolia.

Doğan Çakan, a cousin of the victim, said that Barış had been attacked in the past for listening to Kurdish music.