Kurdish women protest in front of the French Parliament

Women denounced the massacres committed by Turkey against women and the Kurdish people.

The Kurdish Women’s Movement in France (TJK-F) staged a sit-in action in front of the French Parliament in protest at the occupant Turkish state’s attacks against women.

Erecting a tent in front of the Parliament, demonstrators particularly denounced the massacre of women during the occupation attacks of the Turkish state.

The demonstration began at 11 am today and will last two days. The demonstration was also visited by leftist parliamentarian Éric Coquerel who have a message of solidarity.

Tension arose in the area as a provocateur tore down a leaflet handed out by the activists. The provocateur was expelled from the area by the police.

The slogans chanted by the crowd included “Down with the fascist Turkish state”, “Dictator Erdoğan” and "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" [Woman, Life, Freedom].