Kurdish association in Bremen reacts to racist threat

"The criminalization policy of the state organs paves the way for racist attacks by racist people and circles," said the Bremen Democratic Kurdish Community Center, reacting to the threat with a bullet with the word SS written on it.

Four days ago, cartridges bearing a swastika were discovered in the letterbox of the Kurdish association Biratî in Bremen. The association's premises in Bremen's Neustadt district are under constant surveillance by the police. This is known from various criminal proceedings against alleged PKK cadres. The surveillance logs from the past even contain details of who smoked a cigarette or drank tea in front of the club and when.

In a written statement, the Kurdish Democratic Community Center said, "On November 23, 2023, a letter was sent to Kurdish businesses in Bremen saying, 'I will blow you up'. On February 21, 2024, a letter containing bullets with the word SS and a swastika was left in the mailbox of the Bremen Kurdish Community Center Brati."

The statement said: "Kurds are the most organized community living in Germany. They are among the largest immigrant group in the State of Bremen. As part of Bremen society, the Kurdish community is an integral part of the multicultural structure of the city. However, the recent discriminatory, criminalizing and threatening practices against the Kurdish community in the city of Bremen have caused great reaction in our society in Germany in general and in Bremen in particular after the details of the anti-immigrant and racist meeting organized by the AfD and right-wing groups in Potsdam in November were covered by the press.

Millions of people in favor of democracy, human rights and a multicultural life took to the streets and reacted by saying "Never Again". The reaction of the German society has brought some relief to the Kurdish community, which is part of the immigrant communities and has become part of Germany. As a matter of fact, Kurds are subjected to many racist attacks in Germany. A look at the identity of those murdered in Hanau with racist delusions will reveal the Kurds' uneasiness. On the other hand, at a time when the AfD is on the rise, we observe that the criminalization policy against Kurds is being continued by state organs. It should not be forgotten that the criminalization policy of state organs paves the way for racist attacks by racist individuals and circles. Thus, Kadri Saka was arrested on January 13,  the Kurdish Community Center in Bremen was raided. On February 21, a threatening letter with a bullet was left at the Kurdish Community Center, indicating that racists have an opportunity to send threatening messages.

As Kurds living in Germany, we demand the following from the German state organs: Stop criminalizing us!

Investigate racist attacks and threats against the Kurdish community and share all findings with us in detail.

Show the same sensitivity to anti-Kurdish racism as you do to anti-Semitism and protect Kurdish institutions."