Kongra-Gel: Death of Moosa, the ally of the oppressed, gives us pain

KONGRA-GEL Co-presidency issued a statement to offer its condolences after the death of Essa Moosa.

KONGRA-GEL Co-presidency issued a statement to offer its condolences after the death of Essa Moosa. In its message, KONGRA-GEL expressed its sadness at the loss of Essa Moosa, who was one of the leading figures of the revolution in South Africa, a  relentless defender of the rights of all people and oppressed groups, and a dear ally of the peoples of Kurdistan. KONGRA-GEL made the following statement on Moosa's death:

"We offer our condolences to Moosa's family, the people of South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC) to which he contributed to, and the 'family of progressive humanity.'

Essa Moosa spent his entire life in the struggle against racism and discrimination. He struggled with Nelson Mandela against the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa. He defended Mandela as his lawyer in courts. He also became the comrade and defender of the rights of all oppressed people as a human rights defender.

Moosa earned our love as he supported the peoples of Kurdistan in their legendary struggle for democracy and freedom. He founded the alliance group of peoples from South Africa and Kurdistan, and made important efforts as the president of this group.

He worked hard for the freedom of Leader Apo. He defended Leader Öcalan and the Freedom Movement when he spoke at international platforms and events. He founded the International Peace Initiative for the solution of the Kurdish issue. This initiative applied to the Turkish Justice Ministry in order to visit Leader Öcalan, and visited Turkey several times.  

He visited Kurdistan numerous times and directly witnessed the cruelty our people experiences. He also continued his support to our people as a witness of our people's legendary struggle.

As the people and the Freedom Movement of Kurdistan, we will never forget our most valuable friend and comrade Essa Moosa. We will cherish his memory. We will realize his dreams.

Again, we offer our condolences to his family, to the peoples of South Africa and Kurdistan, and to all of Essa Moosa's comrades and friends. We share their pain."