KON-MED warns the Kurdish people and organisations of 'provocations'

The Confederation of Kurdistan Societies in Germany (KON-MED) warned the Kurdish people and organisations "against internal and external provocations" following the racist attacks in Belgium.


In a written statement, KON-MED said, "We must be careful against the provocations of the enemies of the Kurdish people at a time when the campaign started in 2023 with the slogan 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a political solution to the Kurdish question’ and which is still successfully continuing has turned into concrete gains."

The statement continued: "On the evening of 24 March, Kurds, mostly Rojavan families, were attacked by hundreds of AKP-MHP fascists in the Belgian town of Heusden-Zolder on their way back from the Newroz celebrations. Dozens of Kurds were threatened with being burnt in a house where they took shelter and some were seriously injured in the attack. It should never be doubted that these attacks are an organised provocation of the fascist Turkish state and intelligence. Of course, there is nothing more natural than to show our reaction against these attacks by using our democratic right. However, we would like to draw attention to some issues.

Especially in the Newroz celebrations in Frankfurt on 23 March, the common will of the four parts of Kurds living in Europe came to the fore. The efforts of hundreds of thousands of Kurds to participate in the Newroz celebrations in Frankfurt were incomparably different from previous years. The people of Kurdistan not only grasped the meaning of Newroz for themselves but also appreciated the philosophy, will and organisation that represent it. Most of all, this Newroz revealed the desire of the people of Kurdistan for unity.

Despite all regional and class contradictions, the fact that masses from four parts of Kurdistan take sides behind the freedom struggle, unite, see their hope and future in the success of the democratic society, and that the freedom struggle and Leader Abdullah Öcalan are respected and appreciated by the peoples of the world, especially in Europe, are not ordinary or simple developments. These developments are the result of a serious effort, cost and sacrifice ranging from civil society areas to Medya Defence Zones.

At a time when such historical social developments and gains have turned into great morale and energy, they are trying all kinds of efforts and provocations to defame the Kurdish people and their institutions and organisations that are waging the freedom struggle and to draw them back to a backdrop.

The forces that want to dismantle the Kurdish people's will for unity, which was revealed with Newroz, by putting contradictions between the people, are organising provocations in Europe to make the Kurds look like a violent, unconscious and uncontrolled mass. The most recent attacks carried out against the Kurds in Belgium by the intelligence elements of the fascist Turkish state have been the most concrete proof of this.

We warn our patriotic people and organisations not to fall for the scheme of provocateurs in such a sensitive process. Of course, our people will not be a spectator to any dirty attempt directed against them and will give the necessary response. However, they will also pay attention that this is done within democratic boundaries and measures without deviating from the line of legitimate defence. Our victimized people should not be put in an untenable situation due to some out-of-control outbursts while expressing their justified reaction. If our people express their reaction in cold blood and without victimising others, they will prevent possible provocations meant to be organised in Belgium today and who knows where tomorrow.

As Kon-Med, we once again call on our people not to remain silent against attacks and at the same time to be careful against provocations."