KNK: Support the Global Action Day against Turkey’s invasion

Actions and events will take place everywhere in the world on 26 May.

The Brussels-based Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has issued a call to support the Global Action Day against the Turkish occupation in Kurdistan on May 26.

The statement stressed that the demographic structure of Kurdistan has been systematically changed and that the Turkish state has widened its occupation operations to the entire Kurdistan, Rojava, Bakur and Başur.

The KNK said: “The action promoted to protest against the occupation attacks of the Turkish state in Kurdistan will have the support of Kurds and friends of the Kurds all over the world. Different actions and events will be held against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state”.

The KNK said: “We support the campaign named 'Global Action Day Against Turkish Invasion of Kurdistan'. On May 26, South Africa, Scandinavia, Australia, Latin America, India and Russia, and many other places around the friends of the Kurds will organise actions and events. As KNK, we call on Kurdistan people to participate and support this action. Everyone must stand against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state”.

The statement calling for the Global Action Day on 26 May reminded that “the Erdogan government has taken the colonial ambitions of the Turkish state to a whole new level. It now aims to destroy all the gains made by the Kurds in both the South and West of Kurdistan”. 

Asking to break the silence against Turkey’s invasion in Kurdistan, the promoters reminded how “In the invasion of Afrin, Russia opened up Syria’s airspace for Turkey’s air force, and the dominant international forces (the USA and the EU) remained silent”. 

A similar silence, the call said “continues during the attacks against South Kurdistan. The international complicity leaves the Kurds vulnerable to massacres in every part of Kurdistan. We call upon all international governments and alliances (the UN, NATO, the EU, the Arab League) as well as the world’s democratic peoples, to oppose the Turkish aggression. We call upon all political parties, human rights organisations, trade unions, activists and international institutions, to support the struggle for the freedom of Kurdistan”.