KCK urges international powers to intervene in Afrin

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) called upon all to rise up against Turkish invasion of Afrin and urged international powers to intervene.

In a statement, co-presidency of KCK warned about the Turkey’s intentions to commit a genocide in Afrin and urged the international powers to intervene to stop the invasion.

“AKP-MHP fascism is conducting an invasion operation with a motivation to commit a genocide. A genocide against the Kurdish society is aimed by forcing people to leave their land and destroy the democratic system. For that cities were bombed, and hundreds of civilians were killed including women and children. This invasion and genocide attack has been carried out in front of the eyes of humanity. A city is now on the verge of being destroyed by the second largest army of NATO which is equipped with weapons produced by several countries. This attack is being legitimized by spreading the propaganda like if two big state’s armies are fighting with each other. Those powers, including the permanent members of UN’s Security Council, who provide weapons to Turkey are accomplices to this crime” the statement said.

KCK urged the permanent members of UN’s Security Council to intervene and stop the Turkish invasion of Afrin. The organization said that stopping the invasion has become a historic responsibility and called upon all Kurds and their supporters to organize demonstrations in front of Russian and US embassies.

KCK also called upon all Kurds to join the human shield action in Afrin and added: “Those who can reach Afrin should immediately go there and become a shield against this genocide”.

“Today is the day to rise up for our people. If we won’t rise up today, all people of Rojava Kurdistan will face this genocide” the statement read.