KCK: The Democratic Modernity is the only way out

Neither the regional nor the international powers has a recipe for a solution to the comprehensive problems in the Middle East, said the KCK.

The KCK said in a statement about the murder of Qassem Soleimani that the Middle East-based Third World War deepened and expanded and added that Leader Öcalan's solution of democratic modernity is the only way out.

The KCK said: "As the 5,000-year-old statist system slips into a deep crisis in the territory where it emerged, this crisis is further deepened by the intervention of capitalist modernist forces.

Neither the regional nor the international powers has a recipe for a solution to the comprehensive problems in the Middle East."

The statement continued: "It is not possible for the forces which are the source of the problem to solve the problems. The assassination of Qassem Soleimani, the most important military and political figure of Iran in Baghdad, and the commander of Hashd al-Shaabi, Mahdi al-Muhandis, has once again proved this. With the termination of ISIS' territorial sovereignty, the struggle between the powers that pursued sovereignty deepened and expanded the Middle East-based Third World War. This reality made Leader Apo's solution of democratic modernity the only way out."

The statement added: "The problems of the Middle East cannot be solved by nationalism, sectarianism, or the sexism of the male-dominated system, or the self-interest, individualist, liberal mentality and policies of capitalist modernity.

Socialist democracy, based on the equality and freedom of all differences, is the only solution. The historical social basis and cultural structure of the Middle East do not accept any other solution. Therefore, the impositions and interventions of regional powers and international capitalist modernist forces exacerbate the problems. Undoubtedly, the deepening of the political stalemate and the fact that the war has become inextricable give no other result than to bring new suffering to the peoples. The assassination of Qassem Soleimani and Mahdi al-Muhandis will make the coming period more difficult for the people."

The KCK added: "These conflicts between regional powers and capitalist modernist forces distort the peoples' struggle for freedom and democracy and put them to a deadlock in a blind struggle. As a matter of fact, the US air strikes have already produced these results. Since sectarianism and nationalism are also blinded, the struggle of the forces of freedom and democracy faces serious difficulties in this environment of conflicts."

The KCK stated that "as the Kurdish Freedom Movement, it is clear that we are against the policies and practices that see the solution of the problems in the Middle East in foreign interventions and in suppressing people's aspirations for democracy and freedom."

Turkey tries to exploit this environment of conflict

The KCK continued: "Nationalism and sectarianism create fragmentation and conflict among the peoples of the Middle East as do foreign interventions. In this respect, it is as important to oppose foreign interventions as it is to oppose the nationalist and sectarian mentality to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East. Because tensions and conflicts stemming from such mentality also provide the basis for foreign interventions, which harm all Middle Eastern peoples.

As in all tensions and conflicts, the Turkish state tries to exploit the environment created by the recent conflict and assassination for its attacks against Kurdish people and democratic forces. Turkey calling for moderation, saying that it is against external interventions and assassinations are pure demagogy. On the contrary, Turkey is pleased to have normalized its own attacks benefiting from the outside intervention and assassination.

Only democratized societies and countries can frustrate the games and interventions of external powers. Peace and stability can then be achieved both in individual countries and in the Middle East as a whole.

In this context, in Iraq and Syria where the Third World War is deepening, the only way out is to counter these interventions, conflicts and assassinations that aggravate the problems in the Middle East is by opposing a mentality which draws from the brotherhood of the peoples and the democratization of the societies."