KCK calls upon Kurdish people to rise up everywhere to claim their will

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency said Kurdish people should rise up everywhere and say "Hands off my will" against the removal of immunities of their representatives.

The Executive Council Co-Presidency of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) has released a statement related to the lifting of parliamentary immunities.  KCK pointed out that the war waged by Erdoğan and the Palace gladio against the Kurdish people has now been turned towards the elected deputies.

Stressing that the lifting of immunities does not target deputies alone, KCK said; “This attack is precisely aimed at breaking the will of the Kurdish people. The AKP's fascist ruling and their allies do not want one single Kurd to object to the massacrist fascist policies. They want the Kurdish people to bend the knee and bow their head.”

KCK remarked that the goal of the attack on HDP's parliamentary group was the same with what was aimed with the plan prepared in 2014's summer and the all-out annihilation attacks started on July 24, 2015; to suppress the Kurdish people, make them surrender and finalize the Kurdish genocide.

KCK drew a parallel between the arrest operations of today and the political genocide operations that began on April 14, 2009, stressing that these arrests were entirely political and intended an all-out elimination of the HDP parliamentary group as part of the all-out war waged since June 7.

The statement drew attention to the fact that HDP deputies had no immunity at all anyway as they faced threats and attacks from police or military forces any time, and they were never treated as the deputies of other parties were.

“Turkey allowed the election of deputies with the intention of deceiving the Europe and world public opinion and using this as an instrument in the dirty war waged against the Kurdish people. Yet, the deputies elected by the Kurdish people were never respected nor seen as representatives of the people. Kurdish people's elected deputies have faced a particular war since 1991. Turkey wants the whole world to treat the PKK in the same way it does itself, and it imposes the same thing within the country as well. If they (Turkish authorities) happened to get the opportunity, they would even abolish all the parliaments in Europe and jail their deputies.”

KCK also criticized the CHP (Republican People's Party) for surrendering to AKP fascism in order to avoid being considered as supporting the PKK against Erdoğan and the Palace gladio.

Remarking that the AKP's aggression targets the spirit of June 7, KCK said democracy forces have no choice left but to resist these fascist attacks.

The Executive Council Co-Presidency of the KCK emphasised that; "The Kurdish people must see that this attack targets their existence directly. The AKP fascism imposes a surrender on Kurds by refusing to recognize their mayors, democratic politicians and deputies. A folk cannot protect itself unless it protects its elected representatives. In the face of this situation, Kurdish people should rise up everywhere, from Hakkari to Istanbul and from Iğdır to Çukurova, and say "Hands off my will".