KCK calls on South Kurdistan people to support the guerrilla

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency has called on the people of Southern Kurdistan to take a stand and support the guerrilla. KCK warned that if the people of Bashur (South Kurdistan) don’t rise up, the invasion might spread.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement and said the AKP-MHP fascist government is against a free and democratic life anywhere the Kurds live. The statement includes the following:

“The AKP-MHP fascist government is acting in animosity wherever the Kurdish people achieve a free and democratic life with their own identity and culture. They want to enact a genocide through the denial of the Kurd’s existence. They are not only enemies to the free and democratic life the Kurdish people built in Bakurê (North) Kurdistan. They don’t want the Kurds achieving a free and democratic life even outside of Turkey. The most concrete examples of this are their approach to the referendum in Bashur and their invasion of Afrin. Their animosity against the Êzidî people’s desire for an autonomous life in Shengal. Their threats against the Kurdish people’s free and democratic living spaces in Rojava every day. These approaches have exposed the AKP-MHP fascist government’s anti-Kurdish character for all to see.

The AKP-MHP fascist government has attacked the most patriotic towns and cities of the Kurdish people in the winter of 2015 and 2016, killed hundreds of Kurds including children, women and the elderly, and thus attempted to break the will of the people for a free and democratic life. The man who ordered these attacks Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan had said they would ‘do all that was necessary even against even women or children’ and ended up massacring dozens of Kurds, most of whom were children, when the people of Amed protested the use of chemical weapons that resulted in the massacre of 14 guerillas in 2006.

The chief of the AKP-MHP fascist government now says he will attack Shengal, Maxmur and Qandil. The AKP-MHP fascist government’s Minister of Defense Nurettin Canikli said they are 25 to 30 km from the border and they will go to Qandil and other places to stay and not leave. They have clearly stated that they will use the military bases they have had in Bashure Kurdistan for over 15 years to invade other places.”


“This much is clear that the Turkish state military forces can’t launch an invasion operation against Makhmur, or Shengal, or Qandil without the KDP’s support and approval,” said KCK and continued:

“In that case, how is it that the AKP-MHP fascist government can so openly speak of an invasion operation and the places they will invade? Why does the AKP-MHP fascism speak of attacking Shengal, now that the HPG forces have withdrawn from there? It is clear that they are bringing this up to invade Bashure Kurdistan and pressure Iraq.

There is nothing surprising about the anti-Kurdish, genocidal and colonialist AKP-MHP fascism taking on such an aggressive policy. Under the World War III conditions currently in place in the Middle East, they are trying to uphold their genocidal colonialist system through attacking Kurds everywhere. The AKP-MHP fascism doesn’t have the mindset or the will to resolve the Kurdish issue through democratic means, and has no other option left but this fascist aggression in the face of the will and the struggle of the Kurdish people for a free and democratic life. On the other hand, their recent talk of attacks and threats are also tied to the June 24 elections. Right now there is no new action outside of the existing air strikes against Qandil, but they make propaganda that they are implementing a ground operation against Qandil, which is geared entirely towards increasing chauvinism and thus their vote. But the AKP government has nothing left to lean on but policies of war to uphold their government. In this sense, to uphold their fascist government, it is not possible for the AKP-MHP to give up on policies of war or attacks to that end.”


KCK criticized the KDP’s silence and said: “The AKP-MHP fascism’s aggression and preparations for an invasion are understandable. What isn’t understandable is the silence of the KDP in the face of a force that openly states its invading character. Will the Bashure Kurdistan administration and the KDP not take any stand against the AKP-MHP fascism that says it will cross through the KDP’s territory and implement an invasion? Turkish military bases located in their territory being used for such an invasion operation and attack would mean that the KDP has no will to do anything against this power, or that these statements and these attacks happen with the consent and cooperation of the KDP.”


The statement continues: “The AKP-MHP fascism doesn’t harbor animosity towards the freedom forces in the line of Leader Apo alone. They are enemies to all Kurds who put forth the will for a free life with their identity, language and culture. The Turkish state considers their failure to prevent the federal structure formed in Bashure Kurdistan at the time to be a mistake. It is clear that the mistake will be rectified when they get the chance. In this sense, it is clear that when the biggest and most tenacious force of the Kurds is crushed, they will want to crush all Kurdish political will as well. Not seeing things this way would be tricking one’s self.

AKP-MHP fascism’s threats to attack Qandil, Maxmur and Shengal are threats against the whole of Bashure Kurdistan. For that reason, starting with the KDP and the Bashure Kurdistan government, we are calling on all political forces from Bashur to take a stand against the aggressive ideology and policies of the AKP-MHP fascist government.

Right now, some hills in the Bradost area have been invaded. Medya Defense Zones and the Qandil area is constantly being bombed with fighter jets. These bombings have killed dozens of civilians. If the people of Bashure Kurdistan don’t take a clear stand against these attacks, the invasion attacks will spread. Right now they are using the bombings to force the people to migrate from where they live. To push people away, like Tayyip Erdoğan said, they will kill women and children if necessary.

To stop this fascist, genocidal and massacring AKP-MHP government, the people of Bashure Kurdistan should rise up with all the women, children and young and old people. They should take action against invasion forces everywhere. The people should get involved with the guerrilla everywhere in Bashure Kurdistan and should support the guerrilla to defeat this aggression by the AKP-MHP fascism.

When there is an invasion operation against Qandil or any other area, the guerrilla will resist to the end like they did yesterday and today. They will turn Kurdistan’s mountains, valleys, plains, cities, towns and villages into cemeteries for this fascism.

We are calling on all our people and patriotic forces to stand against the AKP-MHP fascism with the guerrilla, and to create the Free Kurdistan and the Democratic Middle East on the basis of defeating the AKP-MHP fascism.”