KCK calls for mass demonstrations to support the prison resistance

KCK: The isolation on İmralı and attacks in prisons target all of our people. Prisoners, who are the honor of our struggle for freedom and democracy, should therefore be supported everywhere.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-presidency released a statement regarding the hunger strikes of political prisoners across Turkey and North Kurdistan.

Recalling that the indefinite and irreversible hunger strike that was launched by female prisoners at Şakran prison and spread to other prisons has entered its 54th day, KCK said “As followers of the history of prison resistance, thousands of revolutionary prisoners have launched resistance against the isolation and severe psychological pressure on Leader Apo (Öcalan), attacks on prisoners, and the fascist pressures on the people. They are resisting in order to create the free and democratic life that is to die for. They have not stayed silent at a time when fascism is haunting Turkey and Kurdistan. As the most valuable children of this people, they have taken responsibility in the struggle for democracy and freedom. They have manifested the stance of political prisoners in the democracy struggle waged by the Kurdish people and peoples of Turkey in the referendum process as the AKP-MHP government puts its fascist policies into practice in prisons, İmralı in the first place.”

KCK remarked that with their death fast action, the prison resisters demand an end to the pressure on Kurdish People's Leader and attacks against democracy and the Kurdish people that are carried out in the form of a destruction of Kurdish cities.

The statement by KCK continued; “They are resisting the attacks of the fascist AKP-MHP government at the risk of death, just like they resisted the heavy attacks on the Kurdish people and the isolation of Leader Apo in 2012. They have taken action in order to become a part of the struggle for freedom and democracy waged against the fascist attacks of the AKP-MHP government's genocidal colonialism. They have once again undertaken the key role they have always played during the most critical stages of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Now that prison resisters are risking their lives for Leader Apo and our people, we as revolutionaries, democrats and people should fulfill our responsibility and support the hunger strike which is on the verge of death.

Kurdish youth being in the first place, all our people and democratic circles should carry out demonstrations everywhere to support the prison resistance. The youth should take to the streets not only in Kurdistan but also in Turkish metropolises in solidarity with the prison resistance. Our people and youth with the character of consciousness and organization should organise and hold protests everywhere.

Our red line is Leader Apo and our martyrs and prisoners. The isolation on İmralı and attacks in prisons target all of our people. Prisoners, who are the honor of our struggle for freedom and democracy, should therefore be embraced everywhere.”


KCK Executive Council Co-presidency continued, saying the following:

“Democratic political powers, human rights organizations, democratic institutions, intellectuals, writers, and all people of conscience should support the prison resistance, which means supporting a free and democratic life. It is not possible to give a consistent struggle for democracy and freedom without standing up against the pressures in prisons. Now that political prisoners are dedicating all their lives to the struggle for freedom and democracy, and are now risking their lives as part of this struggle, all forces of democracy and freedom should do their part and stage demonstrations to stand with the prison resisters widely and effectively.

We salute the resistance of revolutionary prisoners against the AKP-MHP fascism's attacks that began with the isolation of Leader Apo, and continue with the destruction of Kurdish cities and imprisonment of thousands of politicians, and we reiterate our promise to enhance our freedom struggle in order to make their aspirations real.”