KCDK-E: The resistance of Kobanê has shown itself again in Hesekê

The Kurdish European Confederation KCDK-E commemorates the liberation of Kobanê and establishes a relationship with the victory over the ISIS large-scale attack on the prison in Hesekê. The association calls on humanity to defend Rojava.

The largest umbrella organisation of the Kurdish diaspora in Europe, KCDK-E, calls on the world public to support the defence of Rojava. The association commemorates the victory over ISIS in Kobanê seven years ago and underlines that the spirit of resistance of Kobanê has once again been shown in the fight against ISIS large-scale attack in Hesekê.

The KCDK-E statement released on Thursday said: "The ISIS attack on the Sina prison in Xiwêran, Hesekê was supported on the ground and from the air by the fascist Turkish state. The attack in Hesekê was prepared in all details in occupied Serêkaniyê and orchestrated by Ankara. It was directed against the revolution of Rojava.

The plan for this comprehensive attack on Hesekê was prepared in cooperation between the Turkish state and the Syrian regime. Since October, the Turkish state has been infiltrating forces into the region.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has repeatedly asked the world's states to take back their own citizens among the 5,000 ISIS members trapped there. But this request was not heard. With this attitude, these states contributed to the reorganisation of ISIS. They did not make the necessary contribution to prevent ISIS from posing a new threat to the region and the world. On this occasion, we as KCDK-E repeat our call to the world public and the European countries to take the necessary steps. 

"The 133-day resistance of Kobanê showed itself again in Hesekê"

Seven years ago, the enemy of humanity,ISIS, attacked Kobanê with the open support of the fascist Turkish state. ISIS aimed to destroy the Rojava revolution and its achievements, which had become the hope for oppressed peoples in the world. Kurdish women and youth created huge resistance against this terrorist organisation in Kobanê and staked their lives for it. This resistance was a struggle for the defence of human dignity and free humanity. We once again respectfully and gratefully remember all those who participated in the resistance for freedom and equality in Kobanê.

The Kobanê resistance could be witnessed by the whole world. It made history with its victory over the ISIS terrorists who were considered invincible. Revolutionary, democratic, ecological, women's and peace movements, intellectuals, writers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, academics and democratic mass organisations were inspired by this resistance.

Erdoğan and his Islamist-fascist AKP/MHP coalition have dreamed of bordering an area dominated by the ISIS they support. These dreams fell through with the victory of Kobanê. Since that day, Erdoğan has been seeking revenge and terrorising all parts of Kurdistan.

The trustees in Kurdistan, the political coup attempts against the HDP, the tightened isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, the use of chemical weapons in South Kurdistan and the constant massacres aim to stifle the revolution of Rojava.

Erdoğan had ISIS attack the Sina prison on 20 January. The aim was to take out thousands of terrorists. This attack was met with massive resistance from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The barbaric terrorists hoped to achieve their vicious intentions by using youths and prisoners as human shields. But the organised and all-out attack by ISIS on Hesekê and the Turkish state from the north failed against the SDF.

The Kobanê resistance is a symbol of the Rojava revolution. It has now once again foiled the murderous plans of the Turkish state. Kobanê is a symbol of Kurdish unity. In the seventh year of the liberation of Kobanê, we can create an equal and free life and stop the Turkish massacre policy by standing up even stronger for Rojava and Kobanê.

As KCDK-E, in the spirit of Kobanê resistance, we call on our people, intellectuals, artists, friends, democratic forces and all free-minded people to stand up for Kurdistan, Rojava and Kobanê and resist in the spirit of internationalism."