KCDK-E: Aksoy has always been in the forefront of the struggle

The KCDK-E commemorated Mehmet Aksoy (Fîraz Dağ) from the YPG Press Office, who was martyred in Raqqa on September 26, and said, "We will continue unhesitatingly until we crown his freedom march with victory."

The European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) Co-Presidency Council published a commemoration and condolence message Council on YPG Press Office member Mehmet Aksoy, who fell as a martyr in Raqqa on September 26.

According to KCDK-E, the most important message that Mehmet Aksoy gave to Kurdistan and the revolutionaries who struggle abroad was: "Open your eyes to the truths, get rid of the system's deluding dreams, grasp the truths and get liberated."

The statement by KCDK-E Co-Presidency Council is as follows;

"The family of comrade Fîraz Dağ (Mehmed Aksoy) had to emigrate to Europe due to the repressions of Turkish colonialism. Mehmet Aksoy grew up in London and went to university. From an early age, he has devoted himself to the struggle of his people. In the centre of capitalism, England, he struggled for freedom and democracy in the institutions of our people by preserving himself and the revolutionary values of his people. Throughout his entire life in England, he has struggled with a dedicated effort to explain and promote the Kurdish freedom struggle, particularly Rojava and Shengal, and the demands of our people. He has fulfilled his duties and responsibilities tirelessly, fearlessly and without refusal.

He has succeeded in informing the UK community using the media etc, and in diplomatic activities. He has enlightened tens of thousands on the developments and struggle in Kurdistan through the internet newspaper named Kurdish Question. Completing his studies in literature and culture, Comrade Fîraz has worked on many short films, poems and stories. Due to his interest in the media field, he went to Kurdistan to take his part in the press work of the YPG, where he liberated himself.

Comrade Fîraz has always been at the forefront of the struggle, clutching it ever so tightly in the years he lived in Europe. His belief in the philosophy of Leader Apo bravely brought him to the centre of the struggle, to the free lands of Kurdistan. He has become the pioneer of the truth and freedom as an example personality and intellectual who took the freedom of his people as his basis, rather than the blessings and personal interests of the system.

Perhaps the greatest message Comrade Fîraz gave to the Kurdish people and revolutionaries who struggled abroad was; open your eyes to the truths, get rid of the system's deluding dreams, grasp the truths, and get liberated. We express our condolences to all our people and his family upon the martyrdom of Comrade Fîraz, who took his place in the struggle against occupation, colonialism and Daesh reactionism in all four parts of Kurdistan. Our oath to our freedom and democracy martyr is; we will continue unhesitatingly until we crown your freedom march with victory."