Justice Vigils by relatives of prisoners in Amed and Van continue

The Justice Vigils carried out by the relatives of the prisoners in Amed and Van continue.

Families have been holding a vigil for justice in Amed and Van for weeks to ensure that ill prisoners and prisoners who have not been released despite serving their full sentence, are released. The vigil at the Amed Bar Association continues on its 63rd day, while the protest at the Van Bar Association continues on its 38th day.

Müşeher Öker, executive of Amed Families of Prisoners and Convicts Association (TUAY-DER), visited the relatives of the prisoners in action in Amed on Sunday.

Nazime Boltan, mother of ill prisoner Civan Boltan, once again demanded that their demands be met.

Birgül Çağırcı said: “Mothers have been holding this vigil for over two months so that no more bodies would come out of prisons. We are here until we achieve a result. We will come and sit here not for one day, but for a thousand days if necessary."

Müşeher Öker said that "an ill prisoner should be released regardless of his opinion."


Families in Van visited continue to hold a justice vigil for ill prisoners. Van TUHAY-DER co-chair Edibe Batur said they stand by the demands of the families.

Sefika Ekinci, mother of Mert Ekinci, who has been imprisoned in Van F Type High Security Prison, said that "prisoners are not brought to the hospital. The guards tell the prisoners that their ‘lawyer has arrived', but instead of the lawyers, other people come to talk to the prisoners."

Ekinci said: "Let's stand up and give voice to the prisoners. Let's fight so that our children can be saved from this persecution. We just want peace and justice."