Izmir Women's Platform: We will establish the country of freedom Deniz Poyraz dreamed of

The Izmir Women's Platform made a statement in front of the courthouse before Deniz Poyraz's hearing and said: "We gave our word to Deniz; we will establish the country of freedom she dreamed of."

The second hearing of the case against Onur Gencer, who murdered Deniz Poyraz in the armed attack against the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Izmir Provincial Organization building, will be held at the 6th High Criminal Court of Bayraklı Courthouse. Before the hearing, Izmir Women's Platform made a statement in front of the courthouse.

Platform member Günseli Kaya emphasized that Onur Gencer was protected by the police after the murder. Kaya recalled that before the killing, Gencer was seen several times around the HDP office, called the Izmir Police Department 27 times on various dates, received weapons training, and revealed that he was trained in Syria. "While there is no investigation into Gencer's contact with the police, his relationship with SADAT is also not investigated. Clearly, there is an attempt to cover things up."

Referring to the relaxed attitude of Gencer at the first hearing and the protection he enjoyed by the gendarmerie, Kaya said that lawyers and the public were tried to be prevented from entering the hall by the same police and gendarmerie, and added: "The attacks against Deniz’s mother, Fehime, and her sister are a reflection of who Gencer got his strength from. He has shown it once again."

'We won’t give up'

Kaya said: "We will continue to follow the trial and, of course, we demand that Onur Gencer, who carried out the killing, be sentenced to the heaviest punishment. But this won’t be enough. Our struggle will continue until the day when those who gave support to this massacre, those who showed targets, and those who gave Gencer this power in the courtroom are tried. Let them know that no matter what they do, we will not take a step back from our struggle. We will stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, against fascism, male/state violence to keep each other alive. We have given our word to Deniz, we will establish the country of peace, freedom and equality that she dreamed of. One Deniz goes and a thousand will come."