"It is not the HDP that will go down, but the regime"

On the occasion of the wave of repression in Turkey, the HDP said, "The government has lost its strongholds. Its current attacks are taking place on a contrived basis and mean its downfall."

The Central Executive Committee of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), on the occasion of the anniversary of the mass arrests in the so-called KCK trial of April 14, 2009, stated that the wave of persecution that imprisoned nearly ten thousand people, including mayors and politicians, continues today under different names. The HDP referred to the detention of dozens of activists and local politicians between April 11 and 13, 2022, under the pretext of "Kobanê investigations" and described the repression as an expression of hostility towards the Kurds and the regime's frustration and desperation.

"The genocidal mentality continues"

The HDP further stated: "Nearly ten thousand Kurdish politicians, activists, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations were arrested and detained in the KCK operations in 2009, which were directed against the success of democratic politics. The democratic forces had achieved great success in local elections under the slogan 'We will administer ourselves'. The political extermination procedures carried out by the Gülen community at that time are being continued today by the judiciary, which is under the control of the AKP, without deviating even a millimeter from this line. Democratic politicians tried to explain to everyone that these operations were carried out by criminal networks within the state with the support of the AKP government, that parallel state structures had been established, and that the operations were aimed at covering up the crimes committed. If these warnings had been heeded, the price for these networks that Turkey has to pay would not be as high as it is today. Because the complicity of the AKP and the Gülen community led to a coup attempt in which dozens of people lost their lives, the state of emergency that victimized hundreds of thousands of people, and the one-man regime that plunged Turkey into darkness."

"The judicial plots are the end of the government"

The HDP Executive Committee statement continued, "Today, the same mentality and logic that was developed together with the Gülen community at that time prevails in the Kobanê trial. Yesterday, the Gülen community was complicit in the attacks and the dismantling of democratic politics. Today, MHP, the mafia and the elements of the deep state take this role. However, this complicity will eventually lead to a conflict of interests, and unfortunately, the people of Turkey will again have to pay the price.

Nevertheless, democratic politics grows further with determination and continues on its path despite extermination attacks, trustees and judicial plots, determining the balance of political power. The government attempted to liquidate all free and autonomous local governments, losing even its strongholds in the process. The latest attacks are taking place on the basis of a judicial conspiracy and will put an end to the regime. The KCK operations did not eliminate us yesterday and the Kobanê plot trial will not accomplish this either. We will continue on our path and grow. We take this opportunity to salute our politicians, party and board members and all people who have resisted the attacks, political coups and conspiracies. Their stance stands for our dignity."