ISIS hands Jarablus over to the AKP

The “Jarablus game” between Turkish state and ISIS has entered a new phase. ISIS has handed Jarablus city over to gangs allied to the Turkish state.

The Turkish state had developed a new maneuver in Jarablus to stop Rojava cantons from joining and to hinder Kurds’ status in Syria. In this context, in the early hours of this morning some gang groups trained by Turkey started moving towards Jarablus. In line with the agreement previously made between Turkey and ISIS, the city was handed over to Sultan Murat and Nureddin Zengi groups.

Moving out of 15 villages and residential areas, ISIS gangs turned them over to groups allied to Turkey. There are reports on some ISIS gangs going into disguise and remaining in the region under the name FSA.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and President Erdoğan had announced once more today that the maneuver in question targeted the Kurds and that they were against a “Kurdish corridor” in Syria.

Jarablus Military Council and Syrian Democratic Opposition describe Turkey’s venture as “occupation”.

Turkey claims to fight ISIS in Jarablus on one hand, and bombs the positions of democratic forces conducting operations against ISIS in Manbij on the other.