ISIS gangs' attacks to break the siege in Raqqa repelled

The attacks ISIS launched on Raqqa's eastern neighbourhoods in an attempt to break the siege around Raqqa have been foiled. 31 ISIS members were killed and three panzers were destroyed during clashes.

The operation launched by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to clear Raqqa of ISIS gangs continues in its 24th day with full intensity.

ISIS gangs, who are encircled in Raqqa's center, lauched a wave of attacks on the positions of SDF fighters in the liberated eastern neighbourhoods at midnight. Upon the immediate response and intervention of the SDF fighters, heavy clashes ensued in the region.

Heavy blows were dealt to the ISIS gangs during these clashes, wherein 31 gang members were killed, while 3 panzers and 4 vehicles of theirs were destroyed. Two of these destroyed vehicles were laden with mines.

In the course of the clashes, four SDF fighters fell martyrs and another six were injured.

The ISIS gangs attempted simultaneously to open up a corridor from the south, but failed at SDF fighters' intervention. Many gang members have been killed here as well, but a clear figure could not be verified.