ISIS attack in Kirkuk and Diyala

In the ISIS attack in Kirkuk and Diyala, a commander from the Hashd-i Sunni wing of the Hashd-i Shaabi group and 5 were wounded.

In the Reshad town in Kirkuk’s Hawija district last night, ISIS gangs attacked the Newafli village where the Hashd-i Sunni group is stationed. One commander from the Hashd-i Sunni wing of Hashd-i Shaabi group was killed in the attack and 5 others were wounded.

Meanwhile, last night at around 20.00 a blast bomb went off near the Turkmen Efay Front with a military base in Kirkuk’s Tiseînî neighborhood. The bomb went off as the two candidates running in the elections on the Turkmen list entered the elections bureau.

ISIS gangs also attacked the area where Iraqi forces are positioned in in the Husêney village close to the Gulale town in Diyala. Clashes broke out and continued for 45 minutes when Iraqi forces retaliated the gang attack.

The gangs also attacked another spot where the Iraqi army was positioned in with heavy weapons. No details are known on the number of casualties.