Iranian regime threatens demonstrators with execution

Tehran Revolutionary Court President stated that demonstrators could be tried facing execution on the grounds of “waging war against God”.

Demonstrations continue in Iran and Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) in protest at the repressive policies of the Iranian regime and the policy of disciplining people through hunger. Iranian regime officials are threatening people with execution instead of lending an ear to their demands.

Tehran Revolutionary Court President Musa Gazanferi Abadî stated that those involved in protests after the third day could stand trial for “waging war against God”, the punishment of which –he said- is execution by hanging.

Arguing that demonstrations cannot be evaluated as a “civil right”, Abadi said; “Punishment of those who joined the protests on the third and following days will be heavier. It is clear that they could be accused of “waging war against God”, which is punished with execution by hanging.

In the Iranian regime, the religious body is recognized as "velayeti feqî" and Iran Islamic Revolution leader is defined as “guide of revolution”. Alî Khamanei who replaced Ayetulah Humeyni after his death in 1989 re-activated the "velayeti feqî".

Khamanei, who will be in this post until his death, defined himself as the “imam of Islam”. In the Iranian judicial system, criticism and opposition against "velayeti feqî" are described as “waging war against God”.

Following the Islamic Republic of Iran, thousands of communists, socialists, democrats, liberals, Kurds and opponents have been hanged in accordance with this article which is still in force, being a basis for the imprisonment and execution of hundreds of people in Iran every year.