International Initiative releases new “Let’s talk about Öcalan” video

The International Initiative has released a new video of the “Let’s talk about Öcalan” series.

In the latest video published by the International Initiative to “talk about Öcalan”, various academics and politicians from around the world, share their thoughts about Öcalan as advocate for peace, freedom and justice.

Arnaldo Otegi, General Secretary EH Bildu, Basque Country, said: “Abdullah Öcalan is a source of inspiration, a leader who advocates for peace, freedom and justice for his people.”

Tamir Bar-On, professor of Social Sciences and author of “The World through Soccer and Beyond Soccer”, Mexico, said: “Öcalan is the Gramsci of our time.”

Barry K. Gills, professor of Development Studies, co-author of “The World System: Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand?”, Finland, said: “In these times of accelerating climate change and deepening crises, Abdullah Öcalan’s struggle for freedom and peace has become our struggle, and your example a beacon for untold millions yet who will follow.”

Janet Biehl, author of “Ecology or Catastrophe: The Life of Murray Bookchin”, USA, said: “It is time to free Abdullah Öcalan, the true representative of the aspirations of Kurdish people for freedom and democracy.”