Indefinite hunger strike for Afrin to launch in Geneva today

Platform for Afrin stated that a deeper and more extensive resistance for Afrin will continue, and stressed that an indefinite hunger strike will be launched in Geneva on March 19.

The Platform for Afrin said, “The massacring Turkish state is taking their genocidal invasion attacks against our people in Afrin to a new level under the supervision of international forces and institutions.”

The statement said: “The Resistance of the Age our people and the defense forces developed in Afrin has created great support and coming together in Kurdistanis and humans throughout the world.”

The platform stressed that their “duties and responsibilities have increased” regarding the strategy military and political forces developed in Afrin to prevent civilian massacres by the Turkish state.

The statement said the following:

“The massacring Turkish state has launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against the civilian population in Afrin and its villages. The UN, EU, US, Russia and all international forces and institutions who remain silent in the face of these massacres are as much partners in this massacre and dirty war as Turkey.

We as the KCDK-E, the Platform for National Unity and the Protection of Afrin, the TJK-E and all Kurdistanis and their allies throughout the world will continue our resistance and demonstrations without any breaks against the genocide in Afrin. The city and the people of Afrin have displayed the greatest resistance in history for the last 59 days, and have given the colonialist forces a very hard time. With the awareness that great resistance brings great victory, today as well as yesterday, we will resist and take our place in the process to liberate Afrin.

After 59 days, the people of Afrin and YPG/YPJ/SDF forces have made the tactical decision to continue the defense from outside the city to prevent a large scale massacre and destruction within the city. At this point of the resistance, we will reorganize ourselves with the awareness that a deeper and more extensive resistance, and a much longer one, will continue.

On this basis, seeing the dignified and historic resistance of the forces and people of Afrin, with greater morale and motivation, we will push forth and achieve victory in the most absolute sense.”

The platform concluded with saying, “As the TJK-E, KCDK-E and the Platform for Afrin, we will implement the planning we made previously to the letter,” and that an indefinite hunger strike will be launched on March 19 in Geneva with participation from MPs and co-mayors.