IHD: HDP targeted by 114 attacks during the election campaign

According to an IHD report, attacks on political parties have reached the peak during this year's election campaign between 23 March and 19 May.

IHD (Human Rights Association) has released a report regarding the attacks against political parties during this year's election campaign between 23 March and 19 May. According to the IHD report, attacks on political parties have reached the peak during the last two months.

114 attacks were conducted against political parties during the election campaign, 126 of which targeted the HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party), 32 members of which were also subject to torture and ill treatment. 7 attacks were carried out against AKP (Justice and Development Party), 4 against CHP (Republican People's Party) and 1 against MHP (Nationalist Movement Party).

Contradicting the allegations over HDP pulling votes with threat, the report reveals that it is the HDP that is facing threats and attacks most.

Out of 49 people assaulted, 47 are members and supporters of the HDP, said the report, also noting that 7 people were detained in relation with the attacks, and only 1 of them was remanded in custody.

According to the report, a total of 125 people were taken into custody and 8 among them were arrested during the election campaign, while 32 HDP members suffered torture and ill-treatment. During the same period, a ban was imposed on 2 rallies, a concert and a march of the HDP which was also denied area for another rally.

IHD General President Öztürk Türkdoğan listed the following proposals in order for the elimination of the violations highlighted in the report;

* The language of marginalization and incrimination used by political authorities during the election campaign must be abandoned, political parties which stand equal before the laws must be treated in the same way.

* President Erdoğan must conserve impartiality and abide by the principle of objectivity, and give an end to the rallies during the election campaign. The President must also end remarks against opposition parties and intervention to the political competition between the parties.

* The Supreme Committee of Elections (YSK) which is in charge of ensuring the practice of elections in line with the principle of honesty must fulfill its cautionary duty against remarks of marginalization and hatred targeting the political parties taking part in the elections.

* Attacks on mainly HDP in the election campaign are being used for provocation by various groups aiming to end the process of peace and resolution. Common sense must be ensured to hinder such provocations in order for the process not to collapse.

* Bomb attacks on HDP in Mersin and Adana reveal that the illegal organizations within the state are still taking effect. Under the circumstances, the political authority must fulfill its duty to take precautions against gang organizations within the state.