HRE fighter martyred in Afrin laid to rest in Shehba

HRE fighter Dilşêr Kefer Nasih, who died in Afrin two days ago, has been buried in his birthplace in Shehba.

Dilşêr Kefer Nasih (Elî Kenco), an Arab fighter of Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) who died two days ago in an attack by Turkish Jihadist occupation troops in Afrin, was laid to rest in his birthplace in Shehba.

His body was brought by convoy from Avrîn hospital in Fafin district to the village of Kefer Nasih. A funeral service was held at the village square, which was opened with a minute's silence.

Şiraz Hemo gave a speech on behalf of the autonomous administration of the Afrin canton and said: "We remember Dilşêr Kefer Nasih and all those who died for democracy and freedom. The Turkish state has turned Syria into a battlefield. The peoples of Syria are experiencing massacres, destruction, looting and expulsion. This is Erdogan's true face."

After the speeches the certificate of death was read out and handed over to the family. The body was then buried under slogans "Martyrs are immortal".