HPG Commander: Guerrilla actions will be expanded

Haki Armanc, one of the commanders of the People's Defence Forces (HPG), points out the success of the current guerrilla actions in Northern and Southern Kurdistan and announces an expansion of the struggle.

In an interview with the Dengê Welat radio station, Haki Armanc, one of the commanders of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), spoke about the current actions of the guerrillas and their perspective. "The Turkish occupying state has been carrying out extermination operations since the beginning of the year. It is obvious that it will continue like this. The political and military operations against the Kurdish achievements in Rojava continue. In particular, the attacks and killings of our people in Afrin, Serêkaniyê [Ras al-Ain] and Girê Spî [Tal Abyad] continue. Everything that is Kurdish or happens in the name of Kurdistan are wanted to be destroyed there.

The goal is an occupation zone from Afrin to Qandil

Armanc also pointed to Turkey's attacks on all regions from Heftanin to Xakurke in Southern Kurdistan and warned that Turkey wants to establish a buffer zone from Afrin to Qandil, that is, from the Turkish border at Hatay to the Iraqi-Iranian border in Southern Kurdistan. He continued: “But this is only one step. All of Kurdistan is wanted to be occupied within the framework of the Turkish government's neo-Ottoman expansion strategy. To this end, the occupation of the region of Heftanin is intended be completed this year. The guerrilla resistance, however, has thwarted the Turkish state's plans here.”

"The invasion attempts continue"

The guerrillas, with their "tactical wealth and determination," have not allowed the occupiers to advance into Heftanin, said the HPG commander and noted that although some strategically important hills have fallen into the hands of the Turkish state, this was only possible with great losses on the Turkish side. Armanc made it clear that news that the occupation operation on Heftanin has ended does not correspond to reality. On the contrary, Armanc reported that, the occupation forces are expanding their operations and trying to establish a permanent presence in the region. However, the Turkish troops did not dare to leave their bases for fear of the guerrillas. Turkey’s operations may have been stopped for a short time, but they are trying to use this time to expand their fortifications, he added.

"Attacks supported by traitors"

Armanc also discussed the role of " collaborators from Northern and Southern Kurdistan" who participate in the operations: "They lead the operations and burn down forests. The Turkish state could not have penetrated Heftanin alone. The Turkish state uses routes that no one knows to move its troops. The operation is carried out with the support of traitors from Southern Kurdistan."

Operation in early 2020 unsuccessful

Armanc spoke about large-scale Turkish operations in Northern Kurdistan at the beginning of the year, which included the regions of Cudi, Zagros, Dersim, Amanos, Bingöl, Amed (Diyarbakır) and Mardin and which have lasted until today. However, these operations under the name of "Lightning" served mainly as a means of propaganda and are intended to intimidate the people of Southern Kurdistan, he said.

"Collaboration with the Turkish state is unforgivable"

Armanc pointed to the forest fires, the destruction of trees and the systematic establishment of ever new military bases, especially in the regions of Dersim and Botan in Northern Kurdistan, and strongly condemned the participation of collaborators. He said: "To cooperate with the Turkish state during this period is absolutely unacceptable. Those who help the enemy to build military bases, to cut down forests, who cooperate with the enemy especially in the Cudi and Heftanin regions and sell themselves to the enemy for a few cents are committing an unforgivable crime. We know these people well. We have their names. We know who did what. These people are a target for us."

"Our actions strike like sledgehammers"

Regarding the actions of the guerrilla forces, Armanc said: "Every guerrilla action in Northern Kurdistan strikes like a sledgehammer. They influence all Kurdistan. The attacks on our movement, our leaders and our people have an impact on our actions. Abdullah Öcalan is under isolation torture. There are cruel attacks on our people. Therefore, the guerrilla must also play its role in Northern Kurdistan. Each guerrilla team is a force in itself. It has the initiative, the conviction, knows its enemy and its strengths and weaknesses. In this sense, more actions are needed. The guerrilla is the force that leads the destruction of fascism; it is the cadres of the freedom movement and the indomitable people of Kurdistan. That is why it is important that everyone takes a position in this historic phase and takes a leading role themselves.”

"The Turkish state is collapsing"

With regard to the crisis in Turkey, Armanc said: "All this shows the weakness of the Turkish state. The whole crisis shows the weakness of AKP-MHP-Ergenekon fascism. When a state is so full of rottenness, this is a clear signal of its imminent collapse."