HDP: We will be in Bakırköy on March 20 despite the Newroz ban

HDP Istanbul branch protested against Istanbul Governorate’s ban and called for all peoples to Newroz celebrations in Bakırköy Pazar Square on March 20.

HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) Istanbul branch declared they will be celebrating Newroz on March 20 in Bakırköy Pazar Square despite the governorate’s ban.

In a written declaration, HDP emphasised the governorate’s ban was not lawful and legitimate and stated “The legitimate and right thing to do is to have Newroz celebrations like they were held for thousands of years.”

HDP, stressing that celebrating Newroz is the legitimate right of every people, stated the following:

“Different despots have tried banning Newroz in different points in history, but have never succeeded. The people have defended and celebrated Newroz even in the most oppressive, most cruel administrations. Today in the AKP-Palace rule, wanting to stop Newroz celebrations is asking to escalate the policies of oppression, intimidation and war. We will continue with our Newroz celebrations as we planned and declared. Our peoples will be in the streets and the squares with their own traditions, ways and colors and will burn the Newroz fires for equality and freedom.”

The HDP Istanbul branch stated that Istanbul Police Department notified them that Newroz celebrations will not be allowed on March 20 in districts after the ban was announced.

HDP called on the Governorate and Police Department to common sense, forego their approach of stopping us from celebrating Newroz and ensure Newroz is celebrated in peace and security. HDP also called upon all peoples to come join the Newroz celebrations on March 20, in Bakırköy’s Pazar Square.