HDP: We don't recognize trustees, people will defend their rights

HDP's Meral Danış Beştaş stressed that the co-mayors, council members of the targeted municipalities and the people will not recognize the trustees appointed by the government.

HDP's lawyer MP Meral Danış Beştaş spoke to ANF regarding the appointment of trustees to Amed's Sur and Silvan districts.

Remarking that municipalities are one of the major areas that reflect the will of people, Beştaş pointed out that the government rejects the people's will and elections by appointing trustees. She described the appointment of trustees as a practice that totally goes against the principles of democratic state of law.

Beştaş stressed that mayors, council members and people of the targeted municipalities will not recognize the trustees, saying; "If the government ignores the people's will, the people will then defend their own rights and laws. This is an unacceptable practice."

Beştaş recalled that the government enabled the appointment of trustees through delegated legislations after the law draft was revoked from the Parliament with the consensus of four parties.

Beştaş pointed out that the AKP government took a major advantage of the coup attempt and resorted to practices not any different from the coup itself through the practices of State of Emergency.

Citing the suspension of teachers and arrest of lawyers as examples in this regard, Beştaş said; "Every opposition centre that has no links to the coup, and every single person that gives a democratic struggle are being targeted by the government under the pretense of an anti-coup fight. The government is in a huge panic and delusion. They are making huge mistakes, unlawful and arbitrary practices. The anti-democratic atmosphere in Turkey is getting heavier."