HDP MP: The amendments will grant unlawful powers to the President

HDP parliamentarian Sancar stated that if the dictatorship constitution is adopted, the president will have unlawful powers and this will lead to a system of revenge in Turkey.

HDP Mardin parliamentarian Mithat Sancar spoke during the parliamentary session on the ‘dictatorship constitution,’ and said that unlike AKP parliamentarians suggest, the new presidential system will not bring stability to Turkey. On the contrary, Sincar argued that Turkey becomes unstable during the periods when AKP is strongest, which prevents the country from achieving financial success or social peace.

Sancar also refuted AKP spokespersons’ claims that the new constitution would strengthen the rule of law, stressing that the proposed amendments threaten the separation of powers and the independence of courts. He noted that the president seizes ultimate power and takes control of the judiciary, which is supposed to limit the president, in the new system.

HDP MP pointed out that, unlike AKP parliamentarians’ suggestions, the new constitution does not strengthen democracy and the existence of elections does not qualify a regime as ‘democratic.’ Sancar noted that in case of a referendum in the near future, the government’s opponents would be prevented from campaigning and democracy could easily be violated.


HDP parliamentarian Mithat Sancar stated that with so much power, the president would have the opportunity to act outside the law, which could lead to vengefulness if another political party forms government and decides to treat the AKP in the same way that the AKP is treating parties in Turkey today. Sancar criticized the AKP for labeling everyone as terrorists, and emphasized that it would be hypocritical for the AKP to say anything if another party comes to power in the future and labels the AKP as a terrorist organization.