HDP Deputy Sezai Temelli: No step back!

HDP Deputy Sezai Temelli said that the government's attacks on his party stemmed from fear and anxiety and added, "We are the right one, we stand in the right place and we will not back down."

Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) Van deputy Sezai Temelli stated that the government aggravated problems.

Temelli spoke to ANF about a new summary of proceedings against 28 HDP deputies and said “The government is putting pressure on the HDP with enmity, hate speech and threats. They will not do any harm to the HDP, everyone can be sure of this. In this process, HDP is getting stronger with its intellectual, organizational line and people. We think everyone should be sensitive about this issue”.


In 2016 the immunities were lifted, many of our friends, especially Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ, were arrested and are still in prison. So what has happened since that day in Turkey? Problems have only increased and cannot be resolved. If you do not have a democratic ground to discuss and resolve the problems, they will become more complicated and insoluble. The HDP wants to produce solutions to the Kurdish issue, democracy issue, human rights issue and poverty issue. The government engorges itself with non-solution of the Kurdish issue."


Referring to the failed military operation that killed 13 people in Gare, Temelli said the government blamed the HDP instead of taking the responsibility of this failure. “After all, the most important thing they can do to Turkey is perhaps to abandon war and violence policies. Otherwise, Turkey's future looks very, very dark," he noted.


Temelli added: “We are righteous, we are determined, we will not back down from our statements. We are standing in the right place and we will continue our struggle. The government is increasing its attacks day by day for fear of this. The government has only the mechanism of violence, and the armed forces which it is using for the sake of its own benefit. Everyone should be aware of this and take their place in the struggle for democracy and freedom against it.”