HDP Amed provincial co-chair Hülya Alökmen jailed

The Turkish state’s political genocide against the Kurdish people and their elected representatives continues increasingly.

HDP Amed (Diyarbakir) provincial co-chair Hülya Alökmen was detained on April 14 following an arrest warrant issued against her.

Alökmen is accused of "being a member of an organization" on the grounds that she participated in activities organized by Trade Union of Public Employees in Health and Social Services (SES) in 2012 and was a member of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK).

Alökmen, who faces a sentence of 10 years and 6 months in jail, was detained by the police during a family visit in the Savur district of Mardin on Wednesday after an arrest warrant was issued by a court.

Alökmen has been taken to the Mardin Courthouse on Thursday. The Kurdish politician was sent to Mardin E Type Prison after the verdict was read out to her at the Diyarbakır 9th High Criminal Court.