HBDH Kurdistan Committee says they hit Mardin MHP Provincial Chair

HBDH Kurdistan Committee said they targeted Mardin MHP Provincial Chair.

In a written statement the Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Kurdistan Committee said: “The MHP Mardin Provincial chair Ferhan Bozkuş was punished as a result of our armed action in the evening of 30 May 2021. The fascist member who was seriously injured was taken to the hospital by helicopter under police siege.” 

The statement added: "We are sending a message to the AKP-MHP fascist colonialist mercenaries: These streets are now closed to colonialists. They have been closed to mafia, jihadist mercenaries, contra-guerrilla forces and betrayers who brought the fascist party to Kurdistan lands. Those who attack poor people, workers, journalists and deputies in the country, besiege party buildings and set them on fire, should know this. Those who attack our comrades who continue the hunger strike resistance in prisons, those who continue the policy of conspiracy by isolating Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, and those who are partners in this, will continue to pay the price every day.” 

The statement continued: “Those who attack our guerrilla areas under the umbrella of NATO should know that the freedom forces that created the June 1st Campaign will destroy the colonialist and genocidal attacks today as they did then. The power of the united revolution is born from the resistance of legendary commander Adil Bılıki, who turned the impossible into possible.

We call on all working peoples and young people from Turkey and Kurdistan to get involved and fight against this fascist persecution system."