HBDH calls for 'active support' for the resistance in Ain Issa and Til Temir

The Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement’s (HBDH) Executive Committee called for active support for the resistance against the attacks of the invading Turkish state against Ain Issa and Til Temir.

The Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement’s (HBDH) Executive Committee released a written statement regarding the attacks on Ain Issa and Til Temir regions in North-East Syria. The statement includes the following:

“The peoples of North-East Syria have shared their future with the fate of the Rojava Revolution. Like in other cities, the people of Ain Issa have supported the Rojava Revolution with their free will. On this basis, the peoples of Ain Issa and Til Temir are resisting. People in Ain Issa have recently repelled the attacks of the Turkish-backed gangs equipped with heavy weapons, and foiled their infiltration attempts.

The Autonomous Region of North-East Syria / Rojava encourages oppressed peoples in the Middle East with all its democratic and national achievements. Yet, these achievements are not recognized by the imperialist states, the Turkish state or the Syrian regime. Some of the lands of the revolution are still under the occupation of the Turkish state.

The oppressed peoples of Turkey can push back the Turkish fascism in solidarity with the Autonomous that emerged after the Rojava Revolution.

Let us show the peoples of Ain Issa, Til Temir and Rojava that they are not alone through our campaign "Let's Destroy Fascism, Achieve Freedom!" The liberation of the oppressed peoples of Turkey requires solidarity with this experience created by the peoples of Rojava.

The self-defense practiced by the peoples of Ain Issa and Til Temir shows the peoples of Turkey which way needs to be taken. It is a proven fact in history that fascism can be defeated by resistance.

The fate of the workers, the women and oppressed circles, the Kurdish nation experiencing national oppression / genocide, the Kurdish municipalities besieged by trustees, the students whose democratic education rights are usurped, our oppressed people whose nature is destroyed and their beliefs are ignored, and the fates of the people of Rojava are common.

It is inevitable for the peoples to join hands for the collapse of the Erdoğan / Bahçeli government and the fascist state.

It is our call to our oppressed peoples!

In order to frustrate imperialist policies and drown fascism in the blood it shed, we must support the resistance of Ain Issa and Til Temir with all our might. The solidarity and collective struggle of the oppressed peoples is our strongest weapon against imperialism and fascism. Let's use this weapon today for the resistance of the people of Rojava so that a stronger solidarity of peoples can flourish across the region in future.”