Guerrilla commander Dilşad Dijwar martyred in battle in Lice

Guerrilla commander Dilşad Dijwar was martyred in battle with the Turkish army in Lice. The HPG commemorates the former youth activist and medical student and pays tribute to his struggle.

The press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) announced on Friday that guerrilla commander Dilşad Dijwar was martyred in action against the Turkish army. Regarding the circumstances of the death of the long-time fighter, HPG stated: "On 16 June, the Turkish occupying army launched two parallel operations in Şehîd Kawa and Apê Musa areas in Lice district of Amed. In the latter area, clashes have broken out between two comrades from our ranks and the enemy. Our two companions engaged in skirmishes with the occupiers for several hours and punished at least two of them, while a third was injured in the fighting. In order not to fall into enemy captivity, our friends blew themselves up with their own hand grenades. The identity of Dilşad Dijwar has been clarified, and the full details of the second martyr will be released to the public as soon as they are secured."

The personal information on Dilşad Dijwar is:

Nom de Guerre: Dilşad Dijwar
First-Last Name: Mehmet Süleymanoğlu
Birthplace: Amed
Mother's-Father's Name: Hanım
 – Ahmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 17 June 2022 / Amed

In an obituary for the fallen fighter, HPG wrote the following:

“Dilşad Dijwar was born in the district of Hezro in the province of Amed (tr. Diyarbakır) to a patriotic family. As many people from his environment had joined the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), he became acquainted with the Kurdish liberation movement at an early age. Dilşad Dijwar gained his first practical experience in the resistance for the freedom of the Kurdish people within the youth movement. "Due to his ideological clarity, he managed to leave his mark on our people, especially the youth, as well as on his friends with whom he worked. He led a struggle on various fronts - from organising Kurdish youth, to planning and executing radical actions against the enemy, to activities to better meet the health needs of the population. In 2011, Dilşad Dijwar started his studies at the medical faculty of Dicle University.

In 2013, he abandoned his studies to join the guerrillas. The decisive point for this step was the realisation that the enemy would not back down from its genocidal policy of extermination against our people at any time. Dilşad Dijwar spent his first three years in the mountains in different regions of Amed. From 2016, he stayed in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan. There he was responsible for territorial tasks at a senior level in the Northern Command for two years. After that, he moved to Heftanîn and Metîna. Meanwhile, he translated the contents of his medical studies into practical conclusions and passed them on to the guerrillas.

In 2019, Dilşad Dijwar returned to his birthplace. Having left Amed as a young fighter, he returned as an experienced guerrilla commander. He took a leading part in various offensives against the Turkish army and was known for "transforming his rage against the enemy into effective action with great bravado".

In light of the loss of Dilşad Dijwar, HPG extended their condolences to his relatives and to Kurdish society, saying, "We promise to carry the flag of revolution transferred to us by Comrade Dilşad to victory."