Green Left Party kicks off electoral campaign in Hatay

The Green Left Party kicks off the electoral campaign in Hatay, one of the cities hit by the earthquake on 6 February.

After kicking off the electoral campaign in Hatay, the Greens and the Left Future Party (Green Left Party) made public visits in the Defne district of Hatay. The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Socialist Party of the Oppressed (ESP), Socialist Re-Establishment Party (SYKP) and Green Left Party candidates Kerem Nalbant and Semih Aksakal were part of the delegation that visited the city.

The delegation, who toured the streets and the tents in which earthquake victims live, handed out leaflets of the Green Left Party. Candidate Nalbant underlined the marginalization caused by the 20-year AKP rule among the peoples. Nalbant drew attention to the fact that the only way to get rid of the AKP government is for people to exercise their right to vote on 14 May.

A woman said: “You have been with us since the first day after the earthquake, we have not seen a single person from the state. We will not give our vote to anyone but you.” Another earthquake survivor said: "You are the closest party to the people."