Germany: We brought ISIS members with the help of the Kurdish administration

The German government is considering further repatriations of children of German ISIS members from North-East Syria. Minister Michael Roth said: "We brought ISIS members with the help of the Kurdish administration."

The process of bringing German citizen ISIS gangs and their families captured by YPG / SDF forces, was first started in the last days of December 2020. ISIS members were handed over following a protocol signed between a delegation of Germany and Finland and the Administration of the Democratic Syrian Autonomous Council in the city of Qamishlo.

Within the framework of the protocol, 3 women and 12 children held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Roj and Hol camps were handed over to Germany and 2 women and 6 children to Finland. Despite the signed protocol, German officials, especially Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, refrained from mentioning the name of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.  


Meanwhile, the Left Party asked in the question-and-answer section of the Federal Assembly yesterday what kind of relationship was established with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria regarding the handover of ISIS members to the federal government and how many more people will be brought in the coming days. Germany's Minister of State for European Affairs, Michael Roth, responded in written statement this morning to the parliamentary question put forward by the Left Party Deputy Gökay Akbulut. Stating that many actors played a role in bringing German citizens to Germany, Minister Roth said: "We have exchanged information with the Kurdish administration in Northern and Eastern Syria for more than a month."

The German minister pointed out that their talks with the Kurdish administration are mostly about identifying and locating the people set to be brought back.

Minister Roth also made a strange claim with regard to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, sayinh that they are planning to bring more children in the coming period. "The Kurdish administration rejected our request by saying that the investigation process against the people in question is not over yet," Roth said.