Germany’s “only issue” is the left showing solidarity with Kurds

German leftist movements showing strong solidarity with Kurds has disturbed the intelligence units. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution prepared a report on the matter.

Since the day the Turkish state launched their invasion attacks against Afrin, the peoples of Germany have shown solidarity with the people of Afrin. In the days of the Afrin resistance, solidarity demonstrations in provinces with zero Kurdish immigrant population has caught the attention of German security forces.

The domestic intelligence agency in the country the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution’s Saxony (Sachsen) units prepared a report titled “Strong solidarity by the radical Geran left with PKK supporters”. The report specifically points out the demonstrations condemning the Turkish state invasion in Afrin held in Eastern provinces of Dresden, Leipzig, Görlitz, Bautzen and Chemnitz.

The report states that demonstrations in said provinces have been organized and handled by German leftist groups, and includes information on the protests. The report also points out that the civil disobedience demonstrations against the SPD and CDU in support of Afrin has been organized by leftist groups.

The report claims attacks against the DİTİB mosque in Leipzig and some police stations were committed by the radical left. Saxony intelligence states that the leftist groups in the state have shown strong solidarity with the Kurdish freedom movement in general, not only during the Afrin process.


A similar view was expressed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Central Headquarters regarding the mass demonstrations throughout Germany condemning the Turkish state invasion and supporting the resistance in Afrin.

In the monthly newsletter published on the organization’s official website, there is a section titled “PKK reaction against military attack in Afrin” which talks about the reflections of the war in Afrin on Germany. The intelligence agency said: “As long as Turkey’s attacks against YPG forces in Syria continues, mass demonstrations and protests in Germany should be expected.”