Germany closes case of MİT operatives

Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office has announced that they have cancelled the investigation against DİTİB, which carries out espionage activity for the Turkish intelligence MİT.

It has been proven with documents several times over that the DİTİB, the Religious Affairs Turkish-Islamic Union organized in Germany with some 900 mosques, functions as an intelligence agency for the Erdoğan regime, and it had become public that DİTİB member religious officials working as imams for the Turkish state gathered and sent information about the opponents of the Erdoğan regime to the MİT.

According to German Penal Code Article 99, Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against DİTİB imams last February for espionage. On February 15, 2017, German police had raided homes of these imams.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office failed to advance in the investigation and issued a written statement today announcing that the file on DİTİB had been closed. The prosecution based in Karlsruhe has thus ended the investigation against the 19 DİTİB officials.

The prosecution has deemed information against 5 people accused of espionage “insignificant”, and another 7 people “insufficient as criminal evidence”. The German investigating authority claimed the remaining 7 DİTİB members had left Germany, and thus there is no need for investigations anymore.

When DİTİB, which works as a branch of the Erdoğan regime, was on the agenda in Germany, in December of last year the DİTİB Secretary General Bekir Alboğa had admitted that some imams were in fact gathering information, but saw it sufficient to only say he was “greatly saddened by [that]”.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office running the investigation had demanded the arrest of Religious Affairs Directorate Foreign Branch President Halife Keskin who issued a notice ordering the imams to carry out espionage activity, but the Federal Court argued that there is no concrete crime regarding Keskin and ruled against the arrest.