German police storm Kurdish association in Nuremberg

Police stormed an apartment and the Medya People’s House in Nuremberg. The co-chairwoman of the People’s House and a visitor were detained.

In Nuremberg, the Kurdish association Medya People’s House was stormed by the police. The apartment of co-chairwoman Makbule Kartal was also searched on Friday morning. In the process, she and a visitor were reportedly taken into custody. Both were taken to an unknown location. The search of the association is ongoing.

Raids of this kind take place again and again in temporal connection with Turkish state visits. On Thursday, Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu visited Berlin.

FCK-BW-Bayern Federation released a statement and condemned the raids, during which police broke the door of the association to get in.

“It is thought-provoking that the raids came immediately after Turkish Foreign Minister’s visit to Germany. It is Erdoğan that should be arrested instead.”

FCK-BW-Bayern Federation pointed out that the German state wanted to sacrifice the Kurds for its relationships based on self-interest and called upon officials to abandon this policy.