German police break into Kurdish association in Duisburg

The German police broke into a Kurdish association in Duisburg in the absence of its members and declared afterwards that it was a “mistake”. The incident raises questions for the association's board.

According to the board of the association "Democratic Kurdish Community Center Duisburg", the German police entered the association's premises in the absence of the members, had the lock changed and left a message that the key can be picked up at the police station. Later, the police are said to have declared that the break-in was a “mistake”.

"We are of the opinion that the incident is not a normal raid", the association's board of directors said in a statement: "This is probably the first time such an incident has taken place in Germany. The police left a note on the door saying that the door had been broken open together with the fire department. However, there are no traces of a break-in on the door and everything in the premises looks untouched."

The association's board of directors condemns the police action and raises the following questions: "What is the aim of the police? What was taken or left behind in the premises? What kind of machinations are we faced with?"