French journalist: Turkey is committing ethnic cleansing in Afrin

French journalist Jeremy Andre stated that civilians are being massacred in Afrin where -he said- the Turkish state is committing ethnic cleansing.

French journalist Jeremy Andre who went to Afrin to see for himself the Turkish state’s invasion attacks and massacres against civilians in the canton, spoke to ANF about his observations.


Andre said he has visited several villages in Afrin, telling the following; “Every village and settlement area we visited have been bombed by Turkish jets. There were large numbers of wounded in hospitals and many of them were in critical conditions, including children. I went to Afrin in a civilian convoy that was joined by 1500 people who were also targeted by a Turkish aerial bombardment which killed a civilian and wounded many others. There were no fighters in the convoy as Erdoğan claims. All were civilians. The Turkish state has killed many civilians. I witnessed many other similar attacks. Civilians are living in the locations that are under constant bombardment. The goal is to drive the civilian population away.”

Criticizing the international silence on Turkish attacks against Afrin, journalist Andre said; “Western states are not adopting an attitude because Turkey threatens them with sending refugees in. The United Nations is also in a similar attitude. These states are kind of enslaved by Turkey.”


The French journalist underlined that; “The people there are under a threat. Afrin is a mosaic of peoples; Kurds, Armenians, Ezidis, Circassians, Alevis, Christians… Ezidis in Shengal were attacked by ISIS and the Ezidi people in Afrin are being targeted by similar Islamic groups in Afrin today. Turkey pursues the mindset of ethnic cleansing in Afrin. This is what is happening in Afrin today.”