EP delegation: Extraordinary atmosphere dominates the Kurdish region

Besides electorates, international observer delegations have also been targeted by police repression and attacks in the Kurdish region.

Besides electorates, international observer delegations have also been targeted by police repression and attacks in the Kurdish region.

While a delegation from the European Parliament was encountered by masked special operation teams in Amed's central Sur district, a six-person European delegation in Yenişehir and a translator in Dicle district have been taken into custody by police. The driver accompanying another delegation was battered by AKP members.

Shocked by the situation in the Kurdish region, the European Parliament delegation said; “We have never seen such an atmosphere anywhere else in the world. The scene is unbelievable.”

In Sur district of Amed, people started to go to schools to cast their votes as of early morning hours. The first thing they encountered at schools was special operation teams wearing masks.

Speaking about the situation, HDP Amed Deputy Candidate Feleknas Uca said the deployment of special operation teams was instructed by not the Supreme Election Board (YSK) but the Governor.

The electorates on the other hand reacted to the repression by security forces, emphasizing that they will never get intimidated even if the state deploys all its forces in schools.

Special operation teams have also targeted the journalists whom they threatened to "shot by mistake" in the event of covering the incidents. Police teams also deleted the footage shot by journalists from the areas of police terror.


Martina Michels, who takes part in the delegation of observers from the European Parliament, said they were shocked to see the happenings and the presence of no democracy in Amed.

Remarking that the heavy presence of police forces in schools paves the way for any kind of provocation, Michels said; "The incidents taking place here do not comply with any democracy criteria. Nowhere else in the world have I witnessed such a militarist atmosphere. The scene is really unbelievable."

Another member of the delegation, Josu Juarıstı Abaunz, described the presence of police forces both inside and outside the schools as unacceptable, adding that they will convey their observations to the European Parliament.

Another EP Delegation observing the voting in Arabaş village of Sur was battered by AKP Deputy Candidate Şafak Yentürk and his relatives before being forced out of the school where people cast their votes. The driver accompanying the delegation was also beaten by the AKP candidate and the mob near him.


A British delegation observing the voting in Amed's Çermik district was similarly targeted by AKP Deputy Candidate Baran Çelik and the guards accompanying him. Çelik threatened the delegation at Çermik Anatolian High School, saying; "This is a democratic country. What do you want? Get the hell out of here." The guards of the AKP candidate tried to take the delegation out of the school by force.

In Alokoç village of Çermik, soldiers entered the polling station with arms and tried to intervene the voting of the electorates.

On the other hand, translator Ramazan Tunç was detained by police while accompanying a delegation from the U.S. and Italy in Yokuşlu village of Dicle district. Tunç remains in custody at district gendarmerie station.


In the meantime, an observing delegation from South Kurdistan was denied access to polling station in Alangör village of Yenişehir district on the grounds that they didn't have their passports with them.

In another case, all the six members of a European delegation were detained by soldiers in the village on the grounds of greeting the local people.