DTK: Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom is essential to get out of the chaos

According to the DTK Health Assembly, "Abdullah Öcalan's physical freedom is critical to escaping this chaos and ensuring the freedom of the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East in general. It is, in fact, the only way to overcome them."

The Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Health Assembly issued a written statement on the economic collapse, the attack on Kurds, war policies, femicide, ecological destruction, and isolation, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The statement noted that, "The state blocked calls and activities for people to be vaccinated in many Kurdish cities under the leadership of democratic institutions. At this point, the state's hostile political approach to Kurdistan is on display once more, despite the fact that the epidemic is affecting the entire world. It is attempting to conceal all of its problems, which can no longer be concealed, under the Covid-19 pandemic.”

All peoples were urged to “be vaccinated”and to "trust the vaccine, not the government".

The statement said, "The most significant method by which the AKP-MHP fascism has attempted to overcome the crisis of inability to govern has been to attack the Kurdish people and their organized institutions, which has now become the state's main political policy.” Emphasizing that all segments, especially the Kurdish people, who are fighting for a free life, have been targeted with complete annihilation, the statement said, “Invasion attacks, which have become more violent in recent years, have targeted both Southern Kurdistan and Kurdistan as a whole. The Turkish state is attempting to wage an ugly war with all of its dimensions here, with the support of the KDP. He employs the same shady methods to conceal his defeat in the war. So much so that a war based solely on destruction is being waged while all laws of war are being broken.”


The statement pointed out that the use of chemical gases was the most crucial component of this dirty war, and continued,

“In the face of this situation, an international reaction should be established, and the necessary international sanctions should be imposed on Turkey. On the other hand, the world's silence in the face of these invasion attacks is intolerable. Aside from that, attacks are being carried out in many parts of Europe against democratic groups, Kurdish people, and their supporters who are responding to these attacks. The KDP's approach, in particular, is extremely risky at this point. It is unacceptable to support Kurdish enemies at a time when the Kurdish people need national unity the most. The attacks continue in a variety of forms throughout Kurdistan. Many different methods are used to carry out intimidation policies against the Kurdish people and their organized institutions. Detentions and arrests, state-sponsored fascist attacks, repression against prisons, drugs, prostitution, and gambling... Opposing these approaches, which seek to enslave youth and women and drag them into moral and political debauchery, is critical for the future of the people.”

The DTK Health Assembly further said, "Campaigns against addiction, which have recently been launched under the leadership of the DTK, should be supported everywhere, and the state's fascist attacks on it should be frustrated.

In this process, where the destruction of nature and ecological life has once again become a state policy, the burning of forests in every part of Kurdistan, the deterioration of river flora with HEPP dams, and the work murders caused by the surrender of underground resources to rent continue. Women are under more pressure than ever before as a result of these approaches, which make everything a target."

The statement pointed out that the AKP-MHP government's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention increased the extent of the already existing violence against women, and there was a case of femicide in which at least three women were murdered every day.


The statements continued with the following remarks, “We must all fight back against these attacks by acknowledging our historical responsibilities. The Kurdish people and their friends, as well as any other circle that wants to live in peace and freedom, should join forces and expand their organization. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that with a well-organized and efficient struggle, we may create a new existence.”


The physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is critical for the peoples of Kurdistan and the Middle East in general to get out of this crisis and have a free future. It is, in fact, the only way to overcome them. Since the international plan on October 9, 1998, Mr. Öcalan has been held in isolation at İmralı prison. This isolation is attempting to repress the freedom and political demands of the peoples of the Middle East.

One of the most crucial pillars of our struggle must be breaking this isolation and ensuring the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, who is the primary guarantee of free and peaceful coexistence for all peoples. We express once more that it should be evaluated in all dimensions, beginning with the definition of political, social, ecological, economic, physical, and spiritual well-being, and we call on our peoples to intensify the struggle and solidarity.”