Director of Kobane documentary to stand trial in Turkey

Veysi Altay, director of a Kobane documentary will stand trial in Turkey for “propaganda of a terrorist organization” charges.

Altay is the director of “Nujin”, a documentary that tells the story of resistance from three women fighters’ perspective.

Altay and Dicle Anter, the owner of Yilmaz Guney Cinema in Batman, were arrested by Turkish police and released after they gave their testimonies to the prosecutor’s office in Batman. The office announced that it will press “propaganda of a terrorist organization” charges against Altay and Anter.

The prosecutor said that the poster of the movie positively portraits a terrorist organization. The poster shows a YPJ fighter with YPG flag.

Director Veysi Altay said, "I do not think the YPG need my propaganda."

Altay and Anter will stand trial on April 19 in Batman.