Die Linke condemns Erdogan and expresses solidarity with the HDP

The German left Die Linke party sent a message of solidarity, condemning the political genocide operations carried out this morning against the HDP.

Die Linke said, "Despot Erdogan will not be able to silence the HDP."

Die Linke co-chairs Bernd Riexinger and Katja Kipping reacted to the attacks carried out this morning and targeting the HDP.

The statement said: "As we have learned today, a new wave of arrests has been carried out against high-level representatives of the HDP. 82 people have been or are about to be detained, including Kars Municipality co-mayor Ayhan Bilgen, and many HDP executives, including former Istanbul MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder.”

Die Linke underlined that “the operation was justified by the support given by the HDP to the demonstrations protesting the ISIS siege of the Kurdish city of Kobanê in Syria. The protests condemned the Turkish government's support to the Islamist terrorist militias. HDP's former Co-Chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ have been imprisoned since 2016 for various reasons, including the 'Kobanê protests'.”

Die Linke added: “We strongly condemn these detentions as they suspend all principles of the rule of law. These detentions are aimed at crushing and silencing a democratic opposition party that opposes Erdogan's authoritarian government. We urge the German Government to act immediately and demand the release of all political prisoners in Turkey. The German government should end supporting Turkey and side with democratic freedoms. We express our solidarity to the HDP and all democratic forces in Turkey! Despot Erdogan will not be able to silence the HDP!"